ExamineAir, LLC was founded in 2016 by Mitchell A. Luchansky, M.D. Initially begun by providing First, Second and Third Class FAA physical examinations, it has evolved into providing predominantly HIMS services. The HIMS program involves assessing, monitoring and facilitating commercial airline, commercial and private pilots with substance abuse and mental health issues to maintain or regain their medical certification.

Mitchell A. Luchansky, M.D. is the only physician in the country who is certified as a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, HIMS Aviation Medical Examiner and HIMS Psychiatrist. Due to his unique skills and background, he has in short order gained the respect of both individual pilots, other HIMS providers and the Federal Aviation Administration medical staff.

While also providing aviation medical examiner physical examinations and HIMS Aviation Medical Examiner services, ExamineAir, LLC specializes in providing top notch HIMS Psychiatric evaluations. HIMS Psychiatric evaluations include both substance abuse and mental health (including SSRI antidepressant) assessments. Depending upon the preference of the individual pilot or referring HIMS Aviation Medical Examiner, a consultative HIMS Psychiatric evaluation can be obtained without reporting the findings to the FAA in order to assess the pilot’s situation in regards to FAA medical certification regulations. This can be helpful for planning purposes in guiding the pilot regarding obtaining information and treatment planning in preparation for official reporting to the FAA. Additionally, an official HIMS Psychiatric evaluation can be obtained with the required HIMS Psychiatric report sent directly to the FAA to meet those requirements. Further, what begins as a consultative HIMS Psychiatric evaluation can easily be converted to an official FAA HIMS Psychiatric evaluation with minimal time and cost.

The HIMS process can be confusing, time consuming and costly. There is nothing quite as frightening to a pilot as opening a letter sent by the FAA questioning whether the pilot meets medical criteria for medical certification and requiring a HIMS Psychiatric or HIMS AME evaluation (or both!). This oftentimes leads to a bewildering, frustrating process with numerous phone calls and searching the Web on how to get this requirement met. Don’t let this happen to you. As a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, HIMS Aviation Medical Examiner and HIMS Psychiatrist, an initial call to Dr. Luchansky will guide you to the most efficient path to meet FAA requirements, saving you time, money and needless confusion and frustration.

If you are looking for an AME, a HIMS AME or a HIMS P&P, I highly recommend Dr. Mitchell Luchansky as a fair-minded pilot advocate. Dr. Luchansky is thorough and timely on all required reports. He is also a pilot so he understands our needs more than most.

Mark Meade

Captain Jetblue Airways

Since I started using SSRI, the FAA requires me to see a HIMS doctor for my certification. I have been a patient of Doctor Mitchell Luchansky for the last three years. Doctor Luchansky is, in my own opinion, the best HIMS doctor that I have encounter. What other doctors didn’t accomplish in years, doctor Luchansky was able to deal with the FAA, and get me back to the airline within a few months.

Cristian Rodriguez

Boeing 737 Pilot

I was referred to Dr. Luchansky after my then current HIMS AME decided to retire. I was quite overwhelmed with the process of switching doctors after all the work of finding and getting to know a doctor I trusted to help with the complex issues inherent to medical certification.

I should have never worried; Dr. Luchansky went above and beyond to make me feel at ease and to welcome me to his practice. From ease of communications to scheduling to dealing with life’s everyday issues that pop up, to the moment I walked into his office, till the end of our first meeting, I knew I had found the doctor that would provide the greatest care and service that I was looking for.

Dale S. Dahl

ATP Pilot

I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Luchansky after having seen another HIMS Psychiatrist. I can tell you that they are not all created equal. Dr. Luchansky is one of the most knowledgeable and caring professionals I have ever met in my life. He is very knowledgeable in the HIMS Psychiatric evaluation process, and knows exactly what the FAA is looking for. He has an impressive track record with the FAA and knows many of them personally (which makes a difference because they trust his judgment and work) His report was so extensive and thorough about my case. I’m almost certain if it wasn’t for his evaluation and care I would have never got my medical back. After my initial evaluation with him he maintained contact with me and kept me posted on what was going on with my medical process. He was there every step of the way which was crucial for me during this stressful uncertain time. I would highly recommend Dr. Luchansky to anyone needing a HIMS Psychiatrist or HIMS AME. I wouldn’t be back flying if it wasn’t for him!

Richard McAtee

Seaplane CFII Pilot

Dr. Luchansky helped me through the complex FAA SSRI Protocol. He is the ideal HIMS AME due to the fact that he is also a psychiatrist. His reports are complete and accurate which led to my approval without any additional documentation requested by the FAA. Another great aspect of Dr. Luchansky is that he is also a pilot. I highly recommend him.

Anonymous Pilot

Dr. Luchansky is definitely your one-stop shop as he has extensive experience as a Senior AME, HIMS AME and HIMS Psychiatrist. I had the challenge of navigating the Veterans Administration with my current FAA medical. Being a veteran himself, Dr. Luchansky has a unique perspective and keen insight into the VA and he understands the challenges this can present to retaining an FAA medical. He saw me on a moment's notice, made me feel at ease, and offered candid advice. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any of your medical or psychiatric needs!

Tom Cucchi

777 Captain